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Drakes Pride Drakelock Measure
10ft Steel measure with calipers.
AUD 39.00
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Drakes Pride Rinklock Measure
11ft String Measure Available in Royal Blue, Maroon, White or Sky Blue.
AUD 65.00
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Drakes Pride Supalock Measure.
9ft string measure with belt clip & calipers.
AUD 49.00
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Henselite ClubHawk Measure
All purpose, non-stretch string measure, durable moulded casing, built in belt clip, length 2.8 m(9’).

Ideal for Umpires.

AUD 55.00
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Impulse Laser Measure
The latest in bowls technology. Fully Developed & made in the UK. The Impulse Laser will accurately measure from bowl to jack using one hand.

This measure has evolved purely because the inventor wanting to help a friend who was a disable bowler with one arm who couldn’t use a string measure. As a result,the Impulse Laser Measure was developed which can be used by everybody.

This measure differs from other laser measures. So simple to use, it fits in your pocket and measures from the bowl to the jack.
The reason for measuring to the jack is the jack is of a constant diameter and the laser is arranged to aim at the middle of the jack thereby giving consistent accurate measures.

Bowls are of varying size and measuring to the bowl decreases accuracy due to the variable aiming of the laser. Measure up to 4 bowls at a time and compare distances on screen. Measures shorter and longer distances to string measures.
Watch a demo: https://youtu.be/zEHd2mYuyaU
AUD 139.00
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Umpire Laser Measure
Umpire Laser Measure Size : 88mm L x 68mm H x 46mm W

New laser housing allows for easier measuring and viewing of results. Same laser unit as the original Impulse Pocket Laser Measure.
The latest technology giving you a fast and accurate way to measure. Simple and easy to use.New laser housing allows for easier measuring and viewing of results.
The only one-piece Laser Measure available which uses the reflective surface of the jack to take its measurement.
The laser is designed to measure from the bowl to the jack and stores up to 4 measurements on the screen at the same time
Recommended for distances to 5m (maximum distance 25m).
Approved by Bowls Australia.
AUD 149.00
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