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Bionic Bowler - Bowling Arm
A user friendly arm that anyone can use! There is no muscular tension- finger stress- hand tension or related arm stress to hold and release the jack or bowl from the Arm.

The bowl is held in position by a spring pressure until ready to bowl, There is no need to hold the bowl in place. To release just a gentle thumb pressure is all that is required to obtain a smooth delivery of the bowl.
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Bionic Bowling arm with Squeeze Trigger
A user-friendly bowling aid that anyone can use!

Constructed with aluminium and stainless-steel for strength, durability, and reduced weight. There is no muscular tension for your fingers, hand, or arm to hold and release the jack or bowl from the ‘Bionic Bowler’ Arm. The bowl is held in position by spring pressure until ready to bowl, there is NO need to hold the bowl in place! To release - a simple squeezing of the trigger is all that is required to obtain a smooth delivery of the bowl.
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Bowls Mate stick and Lifter in one

•Shortened stick specially designed to be effective when playing Lawn Bowls
•Height-adjustable with 7 height adjustments from:
Bowlsmate® Classic - 49cm to 64cm
Bowlsmate®XL - 62cm to 77cm

•Bowl and jack pickup, with unique hinged design
•Pickups fold away in order to protect the green
•Comfortable sports handle
•Handy wrist-strap
•Rubber ferrule that can be used on the bowling green
•Engraving plate for personalising your Bowlsmate®
•Also enquire about our
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Cameron Curtis Bowls Mate Coaching Booklets 3 Pack set
ustralia’s most successful coach and multiple world champion, Cameron Curtis is giving all bowlers the SECRETS to match winning bowling in 3 pocket-size, easy to read books that you can take to the green for easy reference.

Practice like a Champion. The SECRET drills, practice routines and skill tests that turned the Australian team into the world’s best and into the premier bowling nation.

Running Shots
Drawing to the ditch
The proven way of taking correct grass
Weight control techniques.
Again SECRETS never shared but that led the Aussie team under Cameron to win more medals than ever before.

Learn consistency
Key Fundamentals when playing matches or even social bowls
Pre-shot routine
Perfect stance
10 non-negotiable elements of delivery
Learn SECRETS never before shared and examples employed by the world’s best
Develop a game plan - rolling up before the game is pointless unless you know what to look for.
When to attack – critical in a team game.
Study the opposition – what to look for.
Develop a winning strategy.
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DHB Bowling Arm
The DHB Bowling Arm is custom crafted to a very high degree of precision by a master craftsman using high tech materials. Very little effort is needed to hold the bowl, just cup the hand over the lever and hold slightly. The Arm will grip the bowl with ease. To release, just straighten your fingers and your bowl will effortlessly leave the arm for a perfect release. It's very user friendly. The DHB Arm is extremely light-weight, yet still a very strong device. It's only an amazing 330gms in total. Now that is light-weight. This means it does not interfere with either your swing or weight perception so you can adjust to it so much quicker.
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Greenmaster Bowls mat with full felt back
Quality Full Felt Mat
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Sporte Leisure Fran Polo
100% Polyester Interlock
All over print- Frangipani
Self Collar
Silver Snaps on placket
UPF Excellent
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Telescopic Bowls Lifter
Sturdy bowl and jack lifter that retracts down to fit in your bag.
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Walking Stick
Lightweight aluminium construction
Adjustable height to suit individual user requirements
Height adjustable in 2.5cm increments
Soft foam handgrip for added comfort
Need to purchase a Ferrule to put on the bottom for use on the green (see accessories section).
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Bowling Arm
The Bowling Arm is used when you have restricted movement in your back. The bowl or kitty can be picked up and delivered smoothly to the green without bending. Construction is in Marine grade alloy with polyester coating. The Bowling Arm is produced with thumb or palm release.
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