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Yellow or White Jacks.
We offer both yellow and white standard weight jacks for grass green play.
AUD 29.00
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Greenmaster Bowls mat with full felt back
Quality Full Felt Mat
AUD 49.00
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Henselite Non Slip Mat
Non slip surface on the green ensures bowler safety and green protection. One piece construction provides durability whilst weight provides stability in all weather conditions

Regulation size approved for use by Bowls Australia.

Vented non-slip back for safety and minimisation of heat transfer to grass greens.

Mat may be reversed to assist in coaching and foot placement guidelines.

Construction allows for storage in one or two pin systems.
AUD 55.00
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Drakes Pride Foot mat
Available in Yellow, Blue or Red.

Hard wearing rubber with moulded grip for use both indoors & outdoors.
AUD 39.00
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Boundary Marker Peg.
Stainless steel spring base ensures unit flexibility to avoid potential injury to bowlers and club staff.

Stainless steel spring, no maintenance upright construction gives long lasting service.

Aluminium powder coated peg which is highly visible, durable and UV-resistant.

Units are easily installed into existing or new banks with a standard 10mm bore.

600mm spring loaded.

Meets all safety and rule requirements.
AUD 42.00
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Taylor Mats
Taylor Bowls mats for practise roll ups or for clubs to purchase. (please contact us for club price)
AUD 35.00
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Heavy Jacks
AUD 55.00
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Henselite Indoor Jack
• Size 52.4mm (2 1/16” diameter)
• Regulation size
• Durable and highly visible
AUD 25.00
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Umpire Laser Measure
Umpire Laser Measure Size : 88mm L x 68mm H x 46mm W

New laser housing allows for easier measuring and viewing of results. Same laser unit as the original Impulse Pocket Laser Measure.
The latest technology giving you a fast and accurate way to measure. Simple and easy to use.New laser housing allows for easier measuring and viewing of results.
The only one-piece Laser Measure available which uses the reflective surface of the jack to take its measurement.
The laser is designed to measure from the bowl to the jack and stores up to 4 measurements on the screen at the same time
Recommended for distances to 5m (maximum distance 25m).
Approved by Bowls Australia.
AUD 149.00
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Jack Marker.
• Identifies jack in the ditch
• Bright and easily seen.
AUD 55.00
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