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Avenel Hats commenced operations in 1966, the company's founding partners Norm Dobinson and Horrie Smith previously worked with a leading headwear manufacturer in Flinders Lane, Melbourne. The Partnership was a unique association which saw the company grow strongly and survive the ups and downs of the Australian economy. The second generation of the two families Stephen Dobinson and James Smith have managed the operations since Norm Dobinson retired some years ago; both Stephen and Jim have been involved in the headwear business for more than 25 years. For over forty three years Avenel Hats has supplied both large and small retail stores throughout Australia with the latest in headwear. Our Headwear collection for each season is sourced from UK, Italy, USA and Asia, combined with our locally made Headwear, the collection is very comprehensive. We have the latest in caps, trucker caps, fashion hats, beanies, scarves, gloves and visors, together with a large range of promotional headwear and apparel! We have a fantastic range of golf, bowls and sporting hats and caps! Our occupational heath and safety wear range is second to none!


Avenel Paper braid Green under 21045
Paper braid
UPF 50+ sun protection
Green under brim reduces glare
Fitted sizing for secure fit
AUD 55.00
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Avenel Paper braid safari
Stylish and Popular Wide Brim Lawn Bowls Hat by Avenel, Paper Braid Safari with Green under brim UPF 50+, Best Seller!!
AUD 55.00
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