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Taylor SRV Black

Taylor SRV Black
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19th November, 2012

Australia’s most capped player to date, Karen Murphy took the time to have a roll with the all-new SRV from Taylor Bowls.

Taylor Bowls Australia is actively involved in the development of the sport and athletes in Australia, this is why the bowls manufacturer asked top international players and club players alike “If you could design a bowl, what would you like it to have?”

Karen Murphy and other great bowls talents, including Steve Glasson, were involved in the process of designing the new bowl and after extensive testing in Western Australia, NSW, Victoria and Queensland,this is what Karen had to say after taking the all-new SRV to the green.

What do you think about the all-new SRV?

“Taylor Bowls has pretty much taken its best product, the SR, and made it even better. The SRV is the extension, an improved, better SR if you like.
The new graphics on it look really good and with that new colour (flame) it will certainly turn heads on the green.”

How would you describe the SRV’s line?

“The line is very predictable, reliable and stable. I had the chance to test it under a couple of different conditions and surfaces and it never failed me, it’s spot on. Simply put this is the best bowl in the wind by far.”

What do you like best about the all-new SRV?

“I know exactly what my bowl is going to do. I can rely on the SRV because as soon as I let it go, I know what it’s going to do. It’s incredibly reliable.”

How would you describe the line of the all-new SRV?

“The SRV has a slightly flatter finish to the line, it’s, as we call it, a kind line to the jack.”

Will you be using the SRV competitively?

“Yes absolutely. I usually don’t change my bowls very often…but once I’ve wrapped up the year I will start into next year’s season with the SRV’s. And why wouldn’t I, with a bowl that is so predictable, kind in line and stable.”

Can anyone pick up the SRV and start bowling?

“Definitely, I think it’s the best all round bowl on the market. The SRV is easy to roll with for beginners and very reliable for advanced bowlers.
It’s ideal for every position in a team… you know… it will take grass when you draw and it will stand up when you are playing running shots with it.
So I think it’s a really good bowl for every position in a team and it’s a great all round bowl for everyone to use.”
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