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Being a good bowler is about reliability, quality and precision. It is these same core principles that the Hensell Family has been successfully employing since it began to manufacture the Henselite Lawn Bowl in Australia, almost eighty years ago. It was a passion for bowls and a drive for consistency that led the late R. W. Hensell to first invent the plastic bowl in 1930. The most significant innovation in Lawn Bowls in the history of the game, the move to plastic from wood and rubber bowls allowed the bowl to maintain its shape under varying climatic conditions. Today we are still just as passionate about bowls and making the most accurate bowls in the world. Each bowl that comes out of our Melbourne factory is a result of highly-tuned precision engineering and we are always striving to better our product. As the game of lawn bowls has changed over the years, so too has Henselite. What started out as a small family business making one style of lawn bowl, now makes a bowl to suit the local conditions wherever you are in the world and supplies clothing, bags and accessories for the complete bowler. Now overseen by the 4th generation of Hensells, Henselite is the biggest manufacturer and distributor of Lawn Bowls worldwide and has won 3 Australian Export Awards and been inducted into the Helms Foundation Hall of Fame in the U.S.A. for outstanding achievement in Lawn Bowls. We are pleased to be able to give back to the sport that has fostered the growth of this great Australian company. Henselite is proud to have supported bowls and bowlers at all levels of the game including through the sponsorship of development programs such as Bowls Australia’s Get on the Green, instigating and sponsoring the first Australian Schoolboy Championships, supporting Greenkeeper Associations and supporting bowls for people with disabilities through organizations such as Australian Blind Bowlers Association. Internationally Henselite has worked to promote and develop the sport throughout Asia including supplying equipment for China’s first bowling green in Guangzhou. Henselite has contributed financially to every World Championships since they began in 1966 as well as continuing to individually support many of the World’s top bowlers and rising stars. Henselite is not standing still. Bowls continues to change. As a new generation of bowlers discovers the excitement of this great sport while adapting when, where and how it is played to meet the modern lifestyle, Henselite will continue to create products that suit the twenty-first century bowler but also carry on the company's tradition of reliability, quality and precision.


Henselite Bias Chart
Henselite Bowls Bias Chart
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Henselite Toucha chalk spray
Spray on chalk. 250 applications or 2 days of Bowls with Paul Henricks!!
AUD 8.00
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Champion Spray
Convenient pressure pack that provides an excellent grip and sheen to your bowls.

Shake can before application from a distance of approx. 10cm (4 inches)

Spray champion grip lightly in two places onto bowl.

Spread chanmpion grip over the complete surface.

Allow to dry briefly and then polish in the usual manner.

Carpet friendly
AUD 18.00
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Henselite AFL Dri tec towel.
Henselite proudly manufactures Dri Tec Towels, and have teamed up with the AFL to bring all lawn bowlers Official AFL licensed products.

Now AFL fans can show their true colours on the green and have their very own Official AFL Dri Tec Towel.

The Henselite Dri Tec Towel will absorb moisture from bowls and hands, keeping them dry and providing superior grip.

Engineered from a high-tech microfibre developed for high performance sports use.

• Highly absorbent

• Quick drying

• Colour stable

• Machine washable

• Soft to touch

• 300 x 550mm

Excellent for bowls and other sporting activities that require moisture to be absorbed from hands or equipment.
AUD 19.95
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Henselite Indoor Jack
• Size 52.4mm (2 1/16” diameter)
• Regulation size
• Durable and highly visible
AUD 25.00
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Place under bowls and measure confidently, knowing that bowls will not move.
AUD 25.00
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Henselite Non Slip Mat
Non slip surface on the green ensures bowler safety and green protection. One piece construction provides durability whilst weight provides stability in all weather conditions

Regulation size approved for use by Bowls Australia.

Vented non-slip back for safety and minimisation of heat transfer to grass greens.

Mat may be reversed to assist in coaching and foot placement guidelines.

Construction allows for storage in one or two pin systems.
AUD 49.00
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Henselite ClubHawk Measure
All purpose, non-stretch string measure, durable moulded casing, built in belt clip, length 2.8 m(9’).

Ideal for Umpires.

AUD 49.95
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Henselite Premier Boule Measure
From Europe, the Premier Boule Measure has just been released in Australia by Henselite. An asset for all bowlers, it features

double scoring dial for competitive games
fixed retractable callipers for accurate small distance measures
2 metre steel tape with protective coating
smotth running retractable tape for user safety and durability of the measure
side jack positioning pivot, minimising possibility of jack movement when measuring and increasing accuracy fo measuring
easily depressed release brake
attractively coloured and contoured making it extremely popular with all bowlers
AUD 49.95
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Henselite ProHawk Measure
Ideal for long measures, an absolute necessity for your umpiring kit.
AUD 65.00
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