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Our History Greenmaster Bowls has a long history of success in the International Lawn Bowls Industry. The company originated in the popular home of the sport, the UK under the Riley Company. It was later bought out by the Taylor Bowls organisation in 1999. The Australian Greenmaster Brand was fostered by a Queensland distributer, selling the basic “Proline” bowls model internationally. Since the company’s sale in 1998, Greenmaster Bowls has risen to become a family-owned household name in the Lawn Bowls Industry. The Australian Greenmaster brand was reinvigorated with the goal of challenging other Bowls models internationally, and providing products that catered specifically for the Australian market. It quickly became the leading Australian distributer in coloured bowls. While retaining the "Proline" model Bowl as a basic all-rounder for slower Green conditions, in 2001 Greenmaster created an innovative new tighter-line Bowl made specifically for the Australian conditions, the “Premier”. The new “Premier” Bowl design enjoyed instant success in the Australian marketplace, as well as receiving widespread international acclaim. Testimony to its ongoing sales success within Australian Lawn Bowls, the Thomas Taylor Bowls Organisation placed an advertisement in the influential Bowls International Magazine in 2005, exclaiming the "Premier" manufactured by them had "taken Australia by storm". The success of the “Premier” was followed by the design of the "Power" Bowl in 2004, and a range of tailored Lawn Bowl products for all areas of the sport.