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Drakes Pride Foot mat
Available in Yellow, Blue or Red.

Hard wearing rubber with moulded grip for use both indoors & outdoors.
AUD 39.00
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Henselite Indoor Jack
• Size 52.4mm (2 1/16” diameter)
• Regulation size
• Durable and highly visible
AUD 25.00
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Henselite Non Slip Mat
Non slip surface on the green ensures bowler safety and green protection. One piece construction provides durability whilst weight provides stability in all weather conditions

Regulation size approved for use by Bowls Australia.

Vented non-slip back for safety and minimisation of heat transfer to grass greens.

Mat may be reversed to assist in coaching and foot placement guidelines.

Construction allows for storage in one or two pin systems.
AUD 49.00
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Jack Marker.
• Identifies jack in the ditch
• Bright and easily seen.
AUD 45.00
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Lifestyle Indoor Bowls Carpet 30’ x 6’ (9m x 1.8m).
• Perfect for social and recreational games
• Recommended for retirement villages
• Green carpet with white Indoor Bias Bowls markings
• Polypropylene flat needle felt with latex foam back
• Can be rolled for storage, sits flat when rolled out

SHIPPING TO BE ADVISED - We will contact you with the price.
AUD 2100.00
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Orbital Measure.
A quality measure to assist umpires in making fast and accurate umpiring decisions.

Features include a telescopic arm and 360º rotational measurement housing, plus a security device for prevention of jack movement.

Prevents jack from being knocked.

Double check measurements quickly and easily.

Most accurate measure available.

AUD 299.00
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Outdoor scoreboard.
Powder coated maintenance free.

Highly visible and easily moved.

Stable design, no sharp areas to ensure bowler safety.

Also available with advertising panel (an additional charge applies
AUD 399.00
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Portable Step.
A simple and practical step device to assist disabled bowlers to get on and off the green.

Provision by bowling clubs enables safe access to greens for all bowlers thus preventing potential injury.

Lightweight, durable and easily transportable to assist bowlers.

The product features a handle for lifting on and off the green.

Suitable for left- or right-handed people.

Sold in pairs.
AUD 345.00
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Taylor Mats
Taylor Bowls mats for practise roll ups or for clubs to purchase. (please contact us for club price)
AUD 35.00
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Place under bowls and measure confidently, knowing that bowls will not move.
AUD 25.00
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