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Lifestyle Indoor Bowls Carpet – 24’ x 6’ – (7.2m x 1.8m)
• Perfect for social and recreational games
• Recommended for retirement villages
• Green carpet with white Indoor Bias Bowls markings
• Polypropylene flat needle felt with latex foam back
• Can be rolled for storage, sits flat when rolled out

SHIPPING TO BE ADVISED - We will contact you
AUD 1850.00
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Yellow or White Jacks.
Henselite offer both yellow and white standard weight jacks for grass green play.
AUD 26.00
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4" Indoor Bowls
• Indoor biased bowls (4” – 100mm diameter)
• Eight perfectly match bowls to a set.

Jack not included.
AUD 595.00
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Aggregate Scoreboard.
Powder coated construction and maintenance free.

Excellent visibility allows all bowlers to be aware of their team scores.

Stable design and highly durable.

Lightweight structure, easily handled.

AUD 895.00
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Boundary Marker Peg.
Stainless steel spring base ensures unit flexibility to avoid potential injury to bowlers and club staff.

Stainless steel spring, no maintenance upright construction gives long lasting service.

Aluminium powder coated peg which is highly visible, durable and UV-resistant.

Units are easily installed into existing or new banks with a standard 10mm bore.

600mm spring loaded.

Meets all safety and rule requirements.
AUD 35.00
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Boundary Scope Location Pin .
Central locator pin to meet requirements of Bowls Australia
AUD 12.95
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Bounday Scope.
A quality piece of equipment that enables 'out of bounds' decisions to be made in an accurate and prompt manner.

Bowls Australia approved.

AUD 579.00
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Bowls Cabinet - with grips and accessories
This cabinet is built to be displayed on the bar at your bowls club. It offers the members the chance to purchase their basic grips and accessories directly from the club.
To refill simply call Bowlers Paradise and we will post the refills directly to you.
The club will be charged club prices and can then charge their memebers what they feel is appropriate.
Set your own price!
The price for this product is not set. You can decide how much you want to pay.
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Bowls Carpet Handling Unit
The Bowls Carpet Handling Unit is perfect for storing and managing your Indoor Bowls Carpet.

• Single Tier for one carpet or Double Tier for two carpets.
• Designed to carry 30 foot carpets
• Roll out carpet directly from the unit, no heavy lifting!

SHIPPING TO BE ADVISED - we will contact you
AUD 1350.00
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Drakes Pride Foot mat
Available in Yellow, Blue or Red.

Hard wearing rubber with moulded grip for use both indoors & outdoors.
AUD 39.00
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